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Other Business Services

Guest, business never stops. That’s why Persons Banking Company brings you convenient services to help you manage and keep track of cash flow, anytime.


Bank by Phone

Access your business finances, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our bank by phone service. You can check balances, see what checks have cleared, and more.

Merchant Processing

Boost your cash flow, sales, and bottom line by offering your customers the ability to pay with debit and credit cards.

ACH Origination

Automate your payments by initiating Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions from your desktop.

Merchant Capture

Scan checks and automatically send deposits to the bank. You can even make deposits nights and weekends – whenever it’s convenient for you. Plus, you can view and print copies of checks for up to 45 days.

Positive Pay

Help identify and prevent check fraud!  Positive Pay reviews details of checks issued by you against checks presented to the bank for payment.  Any items deemed as a mismatch are flagged and you make the decision whether to pay the item.

Card Services

Business Debit Cards

Take advantage of an easy and secure way to make and track business purchases with our Business MasterCard® Debit Card.

  • Save time since purchasing with your Debit Card is faster than writing a check
  • Track your spending more easily with purchases listed on your monthly statement
  • Get an immediate replacement for a lost or stolen card with our Card@Once service in our branches.


Your debit card, on your terms.

  • CardValet protects your account from fraud and provides real-time alerts about card usage.
  • Lost or misplaced card?  You can turn your card "OFF" until you locate it.
  • Watch our CardValet tutorial to learn more:

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You can download CardValet now in the app stores.

Apple App Store        Google Play Store

Business Credit Cards

Make business purchasing easy, affordable, and convenient with our Business Credit Cards. You can assign limits by cardholder and easily track expenses.  Visit our Credit Card website for more information.

If you currently have a Credit Card with us, please visit our Credit Card Access website to access your account.



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